DaVinci Center Performance Classes and Harmony Classes

These classes are a chance for students to improve their skills by performing in front of a large group or small group of their peers.  The Harmony Classes offer group learning in improvisation, composition, introducing other instruments, and learning the “science of music.”

2017 Harmony Classes

are sorted by ages and levels

August 7-13 – Harmony Class Week
September 4-10 – Harmony Class Week
October, Performance Classes, TBA
November 18th, Multiple Piano Festival (Longmont Vance Brand Auditorium)
November 20-26, NO CLASSES, CENTERS CLOSED FOR Thanksgiving Week
December 24- January 6, NO CLASSES, CENTERS CLOSED FOR Winter Holidays

Two times per year we hold Performance Classes for our students, giving them an opportunity to learn how to share their music with peers, instructors, and parents, and just have fun! Casual and simple, it is a way to share music with little pressure. These Snack-Luck events are a refreshing inspiration for students to stay the course, keep practicing and enjoy the benefits!

Harmony classes dates and times are scheduled below. Classes are held at our studio locations in Broomfield and Lakewood, 6x per year, usually the first week of every month.  These classes take the place of the regular private/paired lesson for that week. Harmony classes are for the students and their team of instructors to study and play music together, play their current songs and even try out a different instrument as the group works together on the fundamentals of rhythm, melody, and harmonics. Unlike the larger Performance Classes, families and friends will not be in attendance. We will email your student’s Harmony date and time. If a student can’t make their assigned Harmony Class they can attend a different day’s Harmony Class.

Our Harmony classes are smaller group instruction classes with the opportunity to learn the “science of music” with peers.  Musical games, group improvisation, group composition, digital music education and the opportunity to perform for peers is all part of the fun and learning that takes place in the Harmony Classes. Students also compose songs together for the annual Creations Concert, where the DaVinci Center Faculty and professional orchestras play the original compositions of our music students, including group compositions of the Harmony Class maestros.