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Our Approach

Our Approach

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Playing by ear, learning beginning pre-reading skills, improvising, and creating music are all basics of the Whole Music Approach. We offer a well-designed curriculum based on research, natural developmental stages of children, and are in alignment with the MENC National Standards for Pre-K.

DaVinci Center music education applications are to a great extent based on the literacy principles of the Whole Language Method used from early childhood through adulthood. The ideals of Maria Montessori, Shinichi Suzuki and Kodaly are combined to give students of all ages, from preschool to our conservatory prep students the most natural and effective tools for developing fine musicianship and more importantly, fine human beings. Providing fun and motivational support are key principles of our approach.
We work together with parents and caregivers to understand the vital happenings within the children’s environment that stimulate accelerated brain development, intelligence and activate nourishing relationships within the family through the children’s day to day musical learning.

Our Piano Playtime program for early childhood students in preschools, homes, education facilities or at one of our Centers, is different than “Mommy & Me” or “Music Together” or “A Child’s Song” classes. It gives children as young as 3 years expanded play with keyboard geography and multi-dimensional ways of input in a small group setting. This process carefully integrates the many brain inputs for auditory, verbal, visual spatial, gross and fine motor functions. The social aspect of piano is a key element to early piano learning as well.  Piano Playtime is a perfect program for bridging the gap between baby classes/general music classes and semi-private/private classes.

Our preschool piano classes help your young child to learn music very naturally, as if learning a new language. Working together with families, we do our best to help your little beloved reach his/her full potential in neural development, social, language, auditory, visual and cognitive growth. Music is a language and ages 3-6 are the most sensitive stages for auditory learning. Highly trained, compassionate instructors provide a framework for young musicians to blossom and remain lovers of music as they grow.

All students of DaVinci Center get a chance each year to participate in a concert performance where their songs are professionally orchestrated. Opportunities such as the Creations Concert provide positive encouragement for students to polish their skills and work even harder on their passions. This inspirational concert fuels the fire that builds all year long in the hearts of our students and it helps their skills to blossom at an unbelievable rate. This years Concert features the Colorado Children’s Chorale and Sphere Ensemble performing works by 60 student composers, ages 5-adult.

The songs for each concert reflect the core of what the students of the DaVinci Center for Creative Arts are learning. The music performed is firstly a means of expressing and communicating what’s inside of them and that improvising/composing is natural for all human beings. This concert realizes the epic impact of musical creation, unleashed, when composers of all ages and all levels join together to create fine music, from the heart.

Concerts are typically held at the Broomfield Auditorium.