Strong partners supporting a common cause

DaVinci Center has has sponsors and partners all working towards the same goal:

Enrich children’s lives, cultivate their inner-strength, and nurture their individuality.

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Glowmundo | Non-profit 501c3 Fiscal sponsor of DaVinci Center for Musical Arts

Glowmundo’s mission statement: we are dedicated to developing resilience skills in children so they can successfully meet the challenges and opportunities they are presented with.

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DaVinci Center and Glowmundo share a common goal; enrich children’s lives, cultivate their inner-strength, and nurture their individuality. That’s why it made sense for us to join forces and further enrich DCMA’s already positive culture. Glowmundo is DCMA’s Fiscal Sponsor, allowing us to collaborate in so many beneficial ways for our community.

The core areas that Glowmundo focuses on are Self-Awareness, Social-Emotional Awareness, and Mind-Body Awareness. Our instructors are trained to include these areas of focus in their curriculum to help our students better assimilate and embrace what they are learning.

Glowmundo teaches children how to:

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  • Relax the body and release physical tension
  • Focus the mind to achieve great things
  • Quickly rebound from frustration and disappointment
  • Remain hopeful during challenging and difficult times


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  • Control and re-direct thoughts and emotions effectively
  • Bring a reflective quality to actions and relationships
  • Improve concentration, critical for learning and success
  • Tap into emotions for motivation and accomplishment