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Lessons Offered

The DaVinci Center for Musical Arts offers piano lessons for ages 3 to adult. Instruction is offered weekly as a 30 or 60 minute private or semi-group session. Lessons are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in a variety of different styles. As classical/traditional, jazz, rock, contemporary, Christian, blues, gospel, etc. We additionally have several instructors on staff that specializes in teaching and developing skills using the more traditional format. Starting with experiencing the joy of playing by ear, improvisation, and creating original music. Also includes music reading, and understanding music on an analytical level with book learning and theory. As well as slowly progressing into playing in correlation with the notes that are learned.
Students are encouraged to create their own pieces, based on what they have mastered through reading music, Improvisational skills and reading music. Whatever style of piano you would like to learn, our instructors are ready to customize a lesson plan for you.The Whole Music Method paired with Suziki Piano is perfect for all studentsto create a life-long love of music.
Our students will be encouraged to participate in regular recitals and on-going performances like our yearly Creations Concert. While students are not required to participate, we believe these performances help motivate and propel the student to continued improvement. As well as create confident performers who feel comfortable on a stage and in front of an audience.
DaVinci Center Violin lessons are offered to levels in traditional, Suzuki or a blend of both methods. A natural and developmentally sound approach, the Suzuki method is perfect for the younger students, because auditory inputs are the greatest during the ages of 3-6. Older students also may use this method in addition to note reading, improvisation and eventually written compositions Core principles are emphasized, starting with the fundamentals – learning the parts of the instrument, proper finger placement and bow hold. Our comprehensive violin lessons include theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and history. The DaVinci Center aims to deliver the finest violin lessons in Denver by presenting repertoire and technique in new and exciting directions. Our violin teachers are also pianists and often apply theory, aural and practical training at the piano during lesson times with our violin students. 
DaVinci Center for Musical Arts guitar program includes acoustic, electric, and bass as well as Ukulele . We offer several styles classical, jazz, rock, blues and folk styles, depending on what each individual student is looking for. Suzuki Guitar can be learned using the Whole Music Approach, which is playing by ear, reading notes/ charts, improvising and composing. Students are encouraged to take both piano and guitar lessons (or dual – which is 1/2 piano and 1/2 guitar) if possible. Due to the knowledge of music theory, playing the guitar and auditory acuteness are greatly enhanced by learning the piano. 
Our instructors are all hand picked for their high level of talent, teaching skills and their abilities to inspire and motivate. Many of our instructors perform locally at regular gigs in various venues throughout Denver and the surrounding area.
Opportunities to share student music, jam with student/teacher groups and share original songs are provided in the quarterly Performance Classes and POD Classes and at the annual Creations Concerts. Original student songs are often accompanied with student’s singing and can be heard in the annual Creations Concert in January. Professional orchestras, guitarists, drummers, and singers join together to arrange, orchestra and perform student’s original songs for an amazing festival of creation.
Drums Instruction is available in all different styles such as jazz, latin, rock, and more! Beginning students will typically begin their studies with the snare drum and gradually work up to learning the full set. Intermediate and Advanced students will work from customized lesson plans to achieve weekly and long term goals.
Our instructor works with every student to provide the type of instruction that meets their learning needs. Helping them reach their performance goals. All instruction starts with the Whole Music Approach. Students learn quickly, and enjoy the experience of the a percussive instrument. Gaining confidence in rhythmic skills, ear training, sight reading, and improvisation.Our instructor will also work with the student to find out where their musical passions lie. Orchestra, rock band, etc. and help the student learn by incorporating the kind of music they relate to best.
Music lessons should be ENJOYABLE, not a chore. Our students don’t just play what they love in the classroom. They practice at home, play in recitals and shows. Students can work together with their peers in other music venues as well. The drums are a vibrant and energetic instrument that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Whether you are a complete beginner, or are playing at an intermediate or advanced level. Our Instructor can help you reach the next stage with private drum lessons at the Davinci Center for Musical Arts.
The DaVinci Center applies the WHOLE MUSIC APPROACH to private and small group vocal/singing lessons. The student will gain exposure to a wide variety of music including opportunities for improvisational singing, harmonization and performance skills. Beginning students are taught vocal technique including breathing, articulation, expressive communication, and stage presence. Advanced students build on this foundation and enhance their strengths and individuality. Need a good reason before you make room among the ballet, soccer, karate, scouts, baseball and reading club to enroll your child in singing lessons? Here are a few.
Develop a valuable musical talent. Shinichi Suzuki, the “grandfather” of child music education and creator of the world-renown “Suzuki method” strongly advocated that children are not born with musical talents, but rather they are developed just like learning a native language through early-age training. By giving your child voice lessons, you will be giving the gift of singing and music appreciation that will become a valuable and medium for satisfying personal achievement and entertainment. 
In addition to the morale that the student gains from working diligently at a skill and succeeding, this fosters self-esteem and self-worth. In the course of singing lessons, students learn many study and memorization skills that easily transfers over to other subject areas to help them succeed in school and life. Regular voice lessons and practice sessions help students develop advanced levels of concentration, determination, self-discipline and responsibility.
Music instruction helps students develop practical science and mathematical skills such as counting, pattern recognition and recall, geometry, ratios and proportions, fractions, sequences, time keeping and pacing, acoustics, etc. Studies have shown that students who study classical music develop stronger moral character, are much more likely to score high in their classes and standardized tests. As well as children who take private piano or voice lessons develop higher IQ scores than those who do not. Listening skills are increased, and improves speaking and communication skills. This is done by improving the quality of the speaking voice including improving clarity, tone, diction, and expression. Singing students also work on improving their facial and body expression, eye contact and confidence, and become accustomed to singing in foreign languages. Vocal lessons can also develop presentation and leadership skills, develop creativity and artistic awareness, self expression, and music is a great tool to use in healing and self soothing methods.