Guitar & Yukelele Classes for students ages 6 and up

Our guitar program, ages 6 and up, is made up of both classical jazz/rock/blues/folk styles, depending on what each individual student is looking for. Because knowledge of music theory, playing the guitar and auditory acuteness are greatly enhanced by learning the piano, students are encouraged to take both piano and guitar lessons (or dual – which is 1/2 piano and 1/2 guitar) if possible. Both electric and acoustic guitar can be learned using the Whole Music Approach, which is playing by ear, reading notes/ charts, improvising and composing.

Opportunities to share student music, jam with student/teacher groups and share original songs are provided in the quarterly Performance Classes and POD Classes and at the annual Creations Concerts.

Original student guitar songs are often accompanied with student’s singing and can be heard in the annual Creations Concert in January. Professional orchestras, guitarists, drummers, and singers join together to arrange, orchestra and perform student’s original songs for an amazing festival of creation.