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Creations Concert

Students’ original songs realized in concert by professional orchestra and jazz band.

A stunning and inspirational concert. the Jazz Faculty of the Davinci Center for Musical Arts (Broomfield) and Grammy pianist Victor Mestas, and the Chamber Orchestra HyperPrism, conducted by Adam Torres will be performing their arrangements of 40+ students original songs,  ages 5-adult.  Many students will be joining these fine musicians on stage to perform their own songs.

These original songs reflect the core of what students are learning at DaVinci Center. Firstly, music is a means of expressing and communicating what’s inside of them and that improvising/composing is natural for ALL human beings, and a reason to celebrate.  This concert realizes the epic impact of musical creation, unleashed, when composers of all ages and all levels join together to create fine music, from the heart. 

We are grateful for your support with the Creations Concert.

Your kind and generious donations
make this Creations Concert possible.

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young musicains unleash their creative potential.


Creations Concert Registration Form
  • When your child becomes part or the Creations Concert they experience a one-of-a-kind inspiration to create, collaborate and express themselves through music. Professional musicians join the celebration of your creative young beloved’s by adding their expertise and inspiration in stunning arrangements/performances of the student’s song. Composers are welcome to perform on stage. Solo performers must attend one rehearsal, TBD.APRIL 8TH, SUNDAY AT 2:00, BROOMFIELD AUDITORIUM
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  • Name of Song*
  • Arrangement Suggestions*Select One
    HyperPrism, string quintet/flute/piano Ensemble
    Jazz Ensemble, DaVinci Center Faculty
    Victor Mestas Grammy Award pianist
    Victor/DCMA instructor Elena (latin jazz voice/piano)
    No preference, have the arrangers decide
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  • Other Ways to add to the Festivities*
    Bouquet of flowers for the composer: $15 pre-ordered, $20 at concert
    Package of Cookies: $10
    Inspiration package: Cookies/Flowers and eighth page Love Note in the Creations Concert Album $35
  • Love Notes:*Write a special message to your child in the Creations Concert 8x11 Album,
  • (can include pictures, coupons, etc. must be sent in by March 22)
  • Payment Options
  • How would you like to take care of Concert Fees (includes admission to the concert, digital video of the concert [professional videographer], 200 page Creations Concert Album and intermission snack.$75 per student for Harmony Class compositions $150 per student for Solo CompositionsFor students who have solo compositions AND harmony class compositions, the solo composition fee will cover both songs.Family discounts and scholarships may be available upon request.
  • Payment Options*
    Credit Card {on file}
  • Rebates*
    Apply gift card rebates to my child's concert fee
    Apply gift card rebates to the scholarship fund
  • No concert tickets this year, just a $15 suggested donation at the door or a note on the gofundme link.https://www.gofundme.com/creations-concertsongs-by-children
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