Music education for students age 3 through adult

We help students realize their full musical potential

2 Davinci Center locations Broomfield and Lakewood


With close to 150 years combined experience the instructors at The DaVinci Center have the nurturing skills to inspire young children to live a life of music AND the dedicated expertise to take any musician to the next level.

  • Piano Playtime
  • Traditional Piano
  • Suzuki Piano
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Violin
  • Yukelele
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Build a strong foundation for a life of learning

A love for music supports the development of a thirsty mind

Each child brings innate beauty to our lives and we feel grateful to
share in the music of life together with them and their families.

Piano Playtime

At age 3 students can begin the journey to developing musical skills that build strong neural networks for every type of learning.

Creations Concert

All students are given the opportunity to have their original songs orchestrated, arranged and performed by professional musicians.

Improvise, Arrange, Compose

Learning to create music through improvisation leads to ones ability to arrange and compose complex scores. Improv through group jammin’ also fosters collaboration skills.

Note Reading

Learning to read music forms strong building blocks that the brain uses in every aspect of life. Reading music also increases the ability to perform at higher levels

Immersive Experience

Both musicians young and old are given opportunities to play other instruments, and to interact with others at and above their skill level.

Playing by Ear

Being guided by the ear provides a start to natural and easy playing at later stages of musical development

Empowerment through the Whole Music Approach

 Music is a language.  All of us can speak, read/write and create expression of our spoken language, mother tongue, very fluently.  We are a “whole language” being. This is all done in community, with family, friends and loved ones.  Thus we approach the musical language in this way, very naturally.  Becoming a whole musician, we learn to play by ear, read/write music, and create songs as unique expressions from within, all in the circle of community, family, friends and loved ones. By applying the Whole Music Approach (WMA) a love for music can blossom into musical proficiency. Also working in tandem with WMA are lessons based on Maria Montessori, Shinichi Suzuki, Kodaly, and Gordon Music Learning Research.

Benefits of Musical Instruction

Songs From Our Piano Playtime Graduates

This video is a collection of Creations Concert performances featuring the original songs from a number of DCMA students some who have been with us since the age of 3 or earlier as Piano Playtime students. Each performance is prefaced with the student playing their own song as well as pictures of the written scores. All students of DCMA get the opportunity to have their original songs played in the yearly Creations Concert – Orchestrated, arranged, and performed by professional musicians including Grammy award winning pianist Victor Mestas, Eric Herrera – Native American Flute, Sphere Ensemble and the Jazz Faculty of DaVinci Center for Musical Arts.  The 2015 concert included the Colorado Children’s Chorale performing original student compositions.

Our Students Outside of Class

This video is of a long-time DCMA student, Johann. Johann was the recipient of the 2013 National Science STEM at the age of 13. His mom attributes his success and achievements to early piano lessons – he started at the age of 3! “Piano lessons since the age of three has definitely made a difference in my son’s achievements.” We are thrilled for Johann and his family! Please enjoy his video above, and consider registering for classes today before they fill up. In-home classes can also be arranged for groups of 4 or more.

Non-Profit Sponsorship from Glowmundo

Our fiscal sponsor, Glowmundo, is an inspiring non-profit organization that shares in our mission to bring the arts, self-awareness, and empowerment to children, especially those who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Words Of Appreciation

  • I love the Piano Playtime program and its format.  My kids just love and look forward to each session.  I don’t have a Facebook account, but if I had one, it would be thumbs up!  Thanks.
    Lata Ramaswamy
  • Our son, Trevor, started paired piano lessons with the DaVinci Center (home of Piano Playtime) at the age of 4.  Ten years later, he is playing classical pieces, such as Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” as well as contemporary music, such as “Twenty-One Guns” by Green Day.  In addition to the musical skill he has developed, there have been some incredible side benefits.  At the start of kindergarten, he was assessed as “average” in math; by second grade, he was tested and deemed “gifted.”  Learning about muscle memory and the discipline acquired through studying piano also were invaluable in his athletic endeavors (he plays competitive baseball and football).
    In short, we are very grateful we started him in piano at such an early age, and have only great things to say about Ms. Maria and the rest of the staff we have worked with over the years at Da Vinci–they’re the best!

    Rhonda and Jon Gifford 
  • Our daughter has been in Piano Playtime for approximately 1 1/2 years.  She just turned 4 in June 2014.  Piano Playtime has been an integral part of her early childhood education. She performed in her 1st Performance Class right around her 4th birthday.  She was able to sit in the front row, without being disruptive (without my wife or myself by her side).  She took the stage, introduced herself, and her song, performed, and sat back down.  She took her seat, and was attentive for the remainder of the performance.  This speaks volumes to both the dedication of the instructors, as well as to the effectiveness of early childhood involvement in Piano Playtime.  Our daughter is bilingual in English and Spanish.  She is able to count to at least 20 in both languages.  She not only  knows her ABC’s, but  can also translate from one language to the other, fluently.  I attribute this ability greatly to the introduction of early childhood learning of the piano, namely through Piano Playtime and the relationships she has developed with her instructors.
    Bob and Shelly Kemp